Sunday, November 15, 2009

Hall test final (1A) Strategic management(revengence)

Hall Exam Question set:


Strategy Management


1. Resource strengthen and opportunities of Manakamana Cable Car System. Case Study


a. Strength

  • Professional management
  • Effective marketing
  • Modern tech.
  • Effective security system
  • Network of the ticket counter and countering
  • Lack of competition
  • Preference to the local level employment opportunity
  • High potential for the religious tourism
  • Possibility of the inclusion of the temple into world heritage list
  • Infrastructural development towards entertainment basics
  • And others

b. Formulation corporate level strategy

  • Transportation facilities
  • Tourism and hotel management techniques
  • Domestic tourism enhancement
  • Others


2. Strategy management and its importance and processes

3. SWOT analysis and elements of the environmental analysis process.

4. Internal analysis and the areas and methods of the internal analysis.

5. Write in brief:

    a. Strategy thinking of the professional accountants.

    b. Strategic advantages in analysis………..

6. Role of CEO in strategic management….strategic management practices in Nepal…

7. How the strategic management can be effectively implemented….process of strategic evaluation

8. Case study, as a consultant, present strategy for the formulation of the 2 companies…

9. Short notes:

        a. Strategic change management

        b. Portfolio Management/analysis

        c. Retrenchment strategy

        d. Techniques of the decision making

        e. Matrix Organizational Structure