Tuesday, March 17, 2009

NCASA meeting at Babarmahal


18th march 2008, NCASA held meeting at babarmahal , discussion about some of major agenda like recognition of NCASA by Institute of chartered accountants of Nepal. And student council members and president, vice president are nominated from active members.


AGM of NCASA was decided to be held on April 4, 2009.

Invitation to all chartered accountants students of Nepal.

Friday, March 13, 2009

Banking Audit- Knowledge to be updated (NRB circulars)

Extracts of Important Circulars Issued By Nepal Rastra Bank :

1. Promoter share holders are permitted to invest in right share of

the institution in advance provided the stipulated conditions

regarding general meeting, uses of fund and proper accounting

has been followed.

2. The Conditions to be fulfilled by the banks/financial institutions

for merger and acquisition or up gradation of the institution has

been issued by NRB in addition to the existing requirements. It

focuses on requirement of duly filled form, capital adequacy

requirements, financial performance of last five years, non

performing assets and other requirements as mentioned.

3. All types of Shares, other than initial public offer, issued to foreign

or indigenous promoter, promoter group and private placement

are considered to be the promoter/promoter group shares for

the purpose of regulatory application of Nepal Rastra Bank.

4. NRB has also implemented Basel II by making it as friendly as

possible in context of Nepal. Due to this the provisions regarding

capital adequacy and risk weighted assets has been amended

making the core capital ratio rise to 6% and total capital ratio to

be maintained at minimum of 10%. The risk has been assigned

from 0% to 150% and reporting requirements has been made

compulsory on monthly basis as compared to previous

requirement of quarterly reporting


Compiled by "Pasang C.Lama" Ca Finals


Contact no :- 9841 33 99 41

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Opening lock on ICAN’s Office

March 9, 2009 Monday, students of Nepal chartered accountant protested against the illegitimate demand of registered auditor's for demanding COP of fist class category. Students of chartered accountants protested heavily against this and compelled the registered auditors to open the lock on ICAN's door which they have locked for more than 2 days to get their demands accepted. All students stood heavily against it and shouted slogans like.

"Exam de, CA Ban"

"Talabandi Gardai ma,

CA bannu paudena"

"Bidhyarthi Ekta Zindabad."


Students from foundation level to final level came to show their unity towards the same cause.


However some of the final level students who did not cared to show their support, besides getting information are following.

  1. Silpy Kedia
  2. Madika Maharjan
  3. Mandipa Dahal
  4. Bijay shwor Poudel
  5. Bandana Thakur


Hope someday they will learn to believe in themselves and start to fight for their rights.




Pasang Chunda Lama

CA finals